Our Sun Spews 1,800,000 F Plasma, NASA Sees All

The sun is a violent place indeed. Seen in these images, captured using NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), is a valley of fire. The surface of the Sun is opened up as a 200,000 mile long (nearly the distance from the Earth to the Moon) filament hurtles towards space. The SDO was launched in 2010 and has allowed scientists to view our life sustaining nearest star, in ways they couldn't achieve before.

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The colors in this photo represent different temperatures of the plasma at the Sun's surface. Red is coming in the coolest at only 90,000 F and yellow is a balmy 1,000,000 F. If you watch the movie below, brown is coming in at 1,800,000 F, quite possibly the hottest temperature in our solar system.


Source: http://www.satnews.com/story.php?numb…

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